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How to Use the Archives: Contributors, History, Events, Documents

Included are a list of Contributors and in many cases a page on this site related to their professional or artistic profile.

Articles labelled History in this table pertain to the cultural and political efforts that gave rise to the establishment and dedication of May as national Asian Heritage Month.

Under Events you will find articles about specific activities, performances and festivities held under the Asian Heritage Month banner.

Documents include PDF's of event posters, declarations, and messages of support from prominent figures.


By clicking the headers of the table below, you may sort the table according to Contributor, Document, Event or History.

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Article Field
Asian Business Network Association Contributor
AHM 2001: Debate to Recognize AHM Document
AHM 2001: Motion to Declare Document
AHM 2005: Education Roundtable Events
AHM 2008: Detailed Activity Report Document
AHM 2008: Kathleen Wynne Message Document
AHM 2009: Artist Workshop Events
AHM 2009: Gala English Translation Document
AHM 2009: List of Events Document
AHM 2009: Mayor Miller Message Document
AHM 2009: PM Harper Message Document
AHM 2009: PM Harper Message Document
AHM 2009: Premier McGuinty Message Document
AHM 2010: Gala Performances Events
AHM 2010: Wayson Choy Lecture Events
AHM 2012: Education Roundtable Events
AHM 2012: Gala Performances Events
AHM 2012: Keynote Speech V. Poy Toronto Public Library Events
AHM 2012: National Videoconference Events
AHM 2012: Toronto Public Library Celebrations Events
AHM 2013: Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture Document
AHM 2013: Education Roundtable Events
AHM 2013: Education Roundtable Events
AHM 2013: Events Document
AHM 2013: Exhibitions Document
AHM 2013: Film Festival Events
AHM 2013: Gala Performances Document
AHM 2013: Other Events Document
AHM 2013: Poster Document
AHM 2013: Toronto Public Library Celebrations Events
AHM 2014: Education Roundtable Events
AHM 2014: Events Document
AHM 2014: Exhibitions Document
AHM 2014: Exhibitions Document
AHM 2014: Film Festival Events
AHM 2014: Gala Performances Events
AHM 2014: Poster Document
AHM 2014: Toronto Public Library Celebrations Events
AHM: Heritage Canada Minister Message Document
Alexis Kienlen Contributor
Amy Wong Contributor
Ann Shin Contributor
Arlene Chan Contributor
Asian Heritage Month Photos Events
Asian Heritage Society of Fredericton, New Brunswick: Speech by V. Poy 2008 Document
Asian Heritage Society of New Brunswick: Speech by V. Poy 2008 Document
Asian Heritage Society of Prince Edward Island: Speech by V. Poy 2008 Document
Bata Shoe Museum 20th Birthday Celebration Document
Canadian Foundation for Chinese Heritage History
Canadian Foundation for Chinese Heritage Preservation History
Canadians of Pakistani Origin Contributor
CanAsian Dance Contributor
CanAsian International Dance Festival 2009 Events
Carlos Bulosan Theatre Contributor
Cheuk Kwan Contributor
Chi Ping Dance Events
Christine Mari Yoshikawa Contributor
Cultural History Education History
Culture Philippines of Toronto Contributor
David Chuenyan Lai Contributor
David Huynh Contributor
Denise Fujiwara Contributor
Desi Wear Contributor
Devraj Patnaik Contributor
Distinguished New Brunswickers of Asian Origin History
Doris Ha-Lin Sung Contributor
Dunhuang Chamber Ensemble Events
Education Roundtable 2009 Events
Events Index Document
Fathom Film Group Contributor
Fereshteh Molavi Contributor
Festival Accès Asie Contributor
Festival Chinese New Year History
Festival Peace Tree History
Fiona Tinwei Lam Contributor
Flowers and VMACCH History
fu-GEN Contributor
General History History
Giri Kedaton Ensemble Contributor
Gokul Sarma Contributor
Harvey Chan Contributor
Hasheel Lodhia Contributor
History of Asian Heritage Month History
Hong Luck Kung Fu Contributor
Japanese Canadian Historical Timeline History
Jasmine D'Costa Contributor
Jay Goulding Contributor
Jaya Kitchlu Contributor
Jeng Yi Contributor
Julian Samuel Contributor
Kam-Sein Yee Contributor
Kandasamy Exhibit Events
Karilagan Dance Society Contributor
Khosro Berahmandi Contributor
Kiran Ahluwalia Contributor
Kiran Ambwani Contributor
Little Empire Contributor
Marjorie Chan Contributor
Messages Index Document
Minna Re Shin Contributor
Mitra Sen Contributor
MUKTA Advertising Contributor
Nanda Kandasamy Contributor
Neesha Meminger Contributor
Noriko Yamamoto Contributor
Norman Kwong Contributor
Osric Chau Contributor
Patria Rivera Contributor
Raging Asian Women Events
Raheel Raza Contributor
Rahul Sethi Contributor
Rashmee Karnad-Jani Contributor
Rod Dioso Contributor
Ruth Ohi Contributor
Sally Ito Contributor
Sampradaya Dance Creations Contributor
Sathya Sai School Contributor
Sathya Sai School: Diwali Document
Sathya Sai School: Guru Poonima Document
Sathya Sai School: Naadam of Mongolia Document
Sathya Sai School: Raksha Bandhan Document
Sathya Sai School: Sinhala or Aluth Avurudhu Document
Sathya Sai School: Swing Festival of Thailand Document
Sathya Sai School: Thai Pongal Document
Sathya Sai School: Ugadi Document
Vivienne Poy History
Shahin Parhami Contributor
Shamsi Shahrokhi Contributor
Shelly Bahl Contributor
Six Weeks of Iranian Art Contributor
Stephen Gill Contributor
StorySave Contributor
Terry Watada Contributor
Tetsuro Shigematsu Contributor
Textile Museum History
Textile Museum: Shine Invite 2013 Events
The Bilz & Kashif Contributor
The Chung Collection Contributor
The Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong-Kong Library Contributor
TSAR Publications Contributor
Tushar Unadkat Contributor
Uma Parameswaran Contributor
Vivienne Poy's Speeches in Atlantic Canada History
Vivienne Poy Book Launch 2013 History
VMACCH Press Release 2008 Events
Welcome Message from V. Poy History
Ying Yueh Chuang Contributor
Zameer Contributor
Zulfikarali Kassamali History