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A Welcome Message from Mr. Justin Poy,
Patron, Asian Heritage Month
Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture

Mr. Justin Poy

Welcome to the Asian Heritage Month Festival! It wasn't long ago that many Canadians didn't know much about Asian cultures or even the geography of the various parts of Asia. Today, most people still don't know how diverse Asian cultures are, yet how uniquely linked they are through history, religion, trade and cultural nuances. In 2014, during Asian Heritage Month we taught many Canadians about the historical significance of the Silk Road, which was the original link between east and west and somewhat of a metaphor of what is happening in trade between Asia and Canada today.

Asian Heritage Month is a time for Asians to embrace their culture while learning about their neighbours. As a Canadian celebration, it is also about opening up the world of Asia to ALL Canadians. From dance and music to culinary adventures and education roundtables, I encourage all Canadians to take full advantage of the many events happening throughout the month of May. A great starting point is our Asian Heritage Month Festival Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage at There you will find a wealth of information, interesting photos and wonderful stories.

And remember, Asian Heritage Month is meant to spark your continued interest all year long. I look forward to celebrating with all of you.

Warm regards,

Justin Poy

Honorary Patron
Asian Heritage Month Festival (CFACI) and
Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage